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Attention given by a gay guy to a straight guy in the hopes of, um, converting them. Often unsuccessful, but highly amusing to witness.
Straight guy: Nah, dude, sorry, I got a girlfriend.
Gay guy: But I know you like my faggoty attention.
by skittlesbunnyx3 June 25, 2008
One of the most awkward and unfortunate suburbs of Chicago, too large to really be considered a small town but too small to actually be interesting. Mundelein is best-known for its gang fights, large Hispanic population, high number of teen pregnancies, and drug network (the local Burger King made national news for selling drugs out its drive-thru windows). Attractions at its high school include live arrests in the parking lot during first period and a comically bad football team.

Residents of the town flock to cooler places for entertainment, since Mundelein is primarily made up of Starbucks and Walgreens, with the occasional SuperTarget or Baskin Donuts. Popular nicknames for the town include Mundeslime, Fundelein, and Little Mexico.
Libertyville kid: Hey, look, a gang fight!
Mundelein kid: Psh, that's not a real gang fight. You want to see that? Go to Mundelein.
by skittlesbunnyx3 June 25, 2008
The awkward guy nobody knows who inexplicably makes weird faces in the background of every picture.
Girl: Look how cute our prom pictures are!
Boyfriend: Yeah, except for That Guy.
by skittlesbunnyx3 July 10, 2008

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