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probably the most fucking boring city in the wole country. There is nothing to do here except visit texas tech and our crappy themepark, Joyland :/ but once you've done that, you've bout done it all. We're home of the dixie chicks and have more churches than lines that charlie sheen does in a day.
hey, what do you want to do today?
oh i don't know, go to the campus?
no, we did that yesterday.
go to joyland?
no, all the rides are broken except for the sky ride.
well fuck, i guess thats it then huh?
i fucking hate lubbock texas
me too.
lets become pornstars.
by Skittles <3 April 13, 2011
Emo is NOT a genre of music, or a grop of pissy fags. Emo is the way they dress, they act, and their perspctive on things.

the way they dress: usually choppy, long, "swooshy" hair. Either Black, bleach blonde or brunette. they have lip, ear, and nose peircings and where black eye make-up. the bangs cover the face and they wear a assortment of rubber band braclets from hot topic or spencers.

The way they act: known to be very romantic, sensitve, mysterious, and shy. But once you get close to one they open up to you and are always there fr you no matter what. so to all them bitchy preachers who think if we wear chains and such, that we are devil worshipers (which some are) fuck you. it's who we are. its what we want. If we gived a fuck what other people thought, we probably would try to fit in with them.
They call us clones, have they looked at themselves??? all kakie shorts and abercrombie bs clothesthat cost 50 dollars for clothing that rips when you put it on?? at least our clothes last.

we also really enjoy music. we love music. it gets us going and gives us this feeling in our chest that makes your heart beat fast and moves you.
Preppy kid: oh look, its the emo fag!
emo kid: oh look its the kid who has to go to parties and get drunk to actually be somebody
by skittles <3 April 13, 2011

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