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2 definitions by skittles princess


1. The most misunderstood people on the planet earth. and/or a person between the ages of 13-19. the most complicated years of your life..... and supposedly the most fun?!?!

2. A really good song by My Chemical Romance

i am one myself.and i am telling you so far it is not f'ing fun.

teenagers are the future. frightened? if not, there is something wrong with you. lol.
by skittles princess March 07, 2008
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1. The lead singer of the band Mindless Self Indulgence
2. A really super hot guy with awesome hair and awesome clothes.
3. The apperant husband of Chantal Claret of the band Morningwood
4. God
I'd pay $100 to kiss that dude. Lucky me, it's only $1! Little Jimmy Urine is my god.
by skittles princess March 07, 2008
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