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2 definitions by skippyKawakami

Long Ass Ethernet Cable. LAEC is a network technology that competes with wireless, but at a tiny fraction of the cost. Secure, easy and fast, a kindergardener can install LAEC into any pre-existing network. What is it? It's the Long Ass Ethernet Cable.
I considered getting an 802.11g access point to connect my XBox, but settled on LAEC instead.
by skippyKawakami February 22, 2005
Watching a movie on TV that you already own on DVD, especially when the TV version is inferior (commercials, full-screen, dirty parts cut out, etc.) Also "Slum watching"

This came about as a friend slum-viewed an episode of Family Guy that he already had on DVD (or something), then wondered what that activity should be called.
"I slum-viewed 'The Karate Kid II' last night"
by skippyKawakami January 17, 2005