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2 definitions by skinnybitch09

a facebook whore is just like a facebook slut but the major difference between the two , is a facebook whore HAS a boyfriend . so not only is she flirting with her boyfriend , but you wil always find a facebook whore flirting with every other guy too !
marissa - ohmygodd chris , your girlfriend is such a facebook whore .

chris - what are you talking about ?

marissa - she flirts with all the other guys when your offline .
by skinnybitch09 February 13, 2011
3 2
a facebook slut is a girl who no matter what guys profile you go on you will always see her flirting with the guy . you can tell she is a facebook slut because she will be everywhere unlike the few common girls who he might talk to . stay far away from facebook sluts , cause who wants to be with a girl that every guy has been with (:
nikki - heey tyler , you know that amber girl ? she is such a facebook slut !

tyler- why you say that ?

nikki - everytime i try and talk to a new guy , she's right there on his dick . i swear she's everywhere .
by skinnybitch09 February 13, 2011
12 12