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A term used to describe an attractive geek. Comes from the character Seth Cohen on the O.C.
Girl 1: Wow, that nerd is hot!
Girl2: I know, he's such a Cohen.
by skinner likes dogfood February 22, 2005
Word that refers to the removal of something's French qualities. Established after France refused to go to war on Iraq. Pretty much practiced solely in America.
"...Creme brulee, or as I like
to call it, 'Freedom Pudding'." - "president" George. W. Bush.
by skinner likes dogfood March 05, 2005
Terrible band with a nonsense song about the 80s. Less punk than Avril. Will be remembered (or forgotten) by most as a one hit wonder.
Springsteen! Madonna! Way before Nirvana!
by skinner likes dogfood February 19, 2005
Good, somewhat overrated alternative band. Most people hear about the band before hearing any of their music. They're often talked about by music snobs or posers.
Sonic Youth influenced Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.
by skinner likes dogfood February 19, 2005
1. A German-looking word that is shoved unnecessarily into film reviews.
2. An enthusiastic response to a casual proposal.
1. This movie is steeped in reality, albeit in a heightened form.
2. "Do you wanna go to the arcade?"
by skinner likes dogfood February 21, 2005

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