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A comb-over so ridiculous that you laugh out loud.
Me: Check that guy's comb-over... It's awesomely bad!!!

You: That, my friend, is a LOL-over!!
#comb-over #lol #hair #bald #funny
by skinimalinki November 03, 2010
A syndrome which occurs to many contact-lens wearers, as well as some non-contact-lens wearers, when exposed to 8 hours of the office envirnoment per day. The office environment includes, harsh flourescent lighting, glare from computer screens, dry air due to excessive air-conditioning, etc. Sypmtoms include redness, itchy eyes, some tears, smudged eye make-up (women only)
Joe: Hey Mary, are you ok? It looks as though you've been crying...

Mary: No, Joe, it's just a case of Office Eyes Syndrome. The air-conditioning is drying my eyes out!!
#work #office #eyes #syndrome #red
by skinimalinki January 11, 2011
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