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Sprawn... A spray of fluid that originates from the rear of ones open mouth whilst yawning.
Spray & Yawn = SPRAWN
Sprawn is a rare occurance and can not be repeated deliberately. It is a totally randam phenomena which leaves the sprawner suprised and bewildered as to what has occured and wishing they had had the manners to cover thier mouth. It is very similar to a snake spraying its victim with poison.
"cover your mouth when you yawn... you just sprawned me in my eye!".
by skindeep December 17, 2007
Terry Turners... Meaning the turn-ups on ones jeans or trousers.
Terry Turner was a non fictional character hailing from Salford. Turner being an actual person was contrary to popular believe, many believing him to be a myth or a basis for cockney ryhming slang... eg Terry Turner Turn-ups. Terry Turner was famed for sporting the largest turn ups in the North West of England.
"look at the size of those Terry Turners!"
by skindeep December 15, 2007
Genie... A street trick involving the ignition of the contents of a firework.
To create a genie, one or more firework is broken open to allow the gunpowder to empty onto the pavement. when a source of ignition is introduced, a puff of smoke is created similar to that of which a Genie might disappear into. (sometimes the fingers of the person performing the stunt also disappear into a puff of smoke).
by skindeep December 15, 2007
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