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4 definitions by skillett

It's like a camel toe, only WAY WORSE
Debbie wears Lee Jeans from the early 80's that give her a giant HOOVE in the front.
by Skillett March 30, 2004
19 10
The people that VISIT while I am on the rag.
Damn girl, I can't give it up tonight, Aunt Flo and Uncle Red are in town.
by Skillett March 30, 2004
8 9
wat that prick mr timberlake says on the mtv music awards 2003!
kane and ross are both....
by skillett January 11, 2004
1 2
Feminine Deoderant Spray
Used to spray on the crotch of your panties, so the fish will die.
Alice went to Rite Aid to buy some FDS because her poon smelled like a shit house door on a tuna boat.
by Skillett March 30, 2004
79 94