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look at me now. or i am going to be better. not related to the definition of rollin
dude you suck

picture me rollin'.


picture me rollin'.

just like saying to said gangsta.
by skilevo July 14, 2011
the richest hippies you will ever meet. pretty much everyone has money and most people ski. pretty much every high schooler drinks and smokes/smoked weed. unlike its neighboring city, salt lake city where most people don't do this type of thing. Park city is where all the non mormons of utah go. It has some pretty shitting powder skiing but it has good park skiing and ski racing. pretty much every kid has a car when they turn 16 and an iphone. lots of milfs and that type of people in Park city. Everyone goes to the same school, Park City High School. It is a nice school with tons of brand new computers and great facilities but shitty teachers.
oh. your ok then.
by skilevo July 14, 2011
a sarcastic term for lol. making fun of the people using lol. it shows that you like something and find it funny. sometimes used to be mean when some one says something really boring or useless.
lawlzzzz. omg what are you going to do now?
by skilevo July 14, 2011

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