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2 definitions by skigal_a91

british slang for a fit girl, but apparently nerdy americans use it too?
originates from the word Poppet, in nursery rhymes..which refers to small child or doll- creepy. How does one go from small child to attractive woman with a slip of the tongue? blasted society. thats how, one minute girls are children and the next they're sexual objects?! haha...what a rant...I'm not really backing myself up here, but hopefully someone will see me through..enjoy the word
It was all too clear that the presence of popsies does not inevitably lead to a scientific future.
by skigal_a91 October 16, 2010
Send one over, as in a beer or some other kind of alcoholic beverage. However, it is said when the person is already HIGHLY intoxicated so that their partner mistakes them to be breaking up with them. Send one over is slurred into one big pile of ex-mess.
Girlfriend : Hey hun, want another beer?

Boyfriend : (grunts) Itsover

..... :(
by skigal_a91 October 16, 2010