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An extremely fat, frumpy, disgusting, liberal "documentary" film maker. His films are classified under the term "documentary" but he really doesnt document anything. He misconstrues facts to fit liberal agendas and philosophies, while also cutting/pasting words from interviews and even different timelines to achieve a far less then desirable image of the person(s) being shown in his films.

He is a multi-millionaire from his movies and books, yet he views America as a deeply racist nation, believing capitalism to be an "evil system". Has characterized American soliders, troops fighting to preserve ours and his rights, as an "evil occupation" force.

This man is a completely pompous phony. He touts beliefs, political and philosophical, that completely contradict how he lives his life. He has made millions from critizing this great country that then allows him to say the reprehensible things that he does under freedom of speech.

Special Note: Michael Moore denounces capitalism, free markets, conservatism, and even the freedoms he enjoys, without realizing that he has made his fortune in films/books almost directly because of them.
Interviewer: So, Michael Moore, thank you for coming today. Sorry we had to special order reinforced chairs to fit your, ahem,..."special needs"
Moore: Thats alright, what with the buffet you guys put out, I can assure you the pleasure is all mine.
Interviewer: Yes its VERY obvious that you enjoy a good meal, which brings us to my first question, dont you find it hypocritical that you, being 400 lbs, should advise Americans against the evils of over-consumption, as a tenet of capitalism?
Moore: Well,...I,...uhh,...next question.
Interviewer: Well Mike, do you think its fair to position yourself as an "advocate for the working class of America" when you in fact have a net worth of millions of dollars, send your kids to private school, and own both a million $ penthouse in Manhattan and vacation home in Michigan?
Moore: Dont you have any questions where I can bash Bush or conservatives in the answers?
Interviewer: Well how about this one Mike, isnt it contradictory that you question Bush's military service and the military in general when you, yourself, havent served in any branch of service whatsoever?
Moore: Thats it, Im leaving.
Interviewer: Okay Mike, on your way out help yourself to an item from the dessert tray, Uhh Mr. Moore? I said an item, not the whole thing. Mr. Moore? Mr. Moore!?
by Skidmark McGee October 06, 2009
a typical girl's night out consists of a bunch of girl's getting completely dressed up, including but not limited to excessively slutty or overdone makeup, then going out to a club/bar type place to then get completely wasted all the while flirting with unsuspecting single men while their husband/boyfriends remain none the wiser.

Please also note girls night out does not have to include alcohol or a bar/club, if a moderate amount of male bashing goes on including but not limited to the boyfriend/husband, then a girls night out has occured.

If the girls night out does include a bar/club it should also include having gullible lonely men pay for drinks as well.
Dumb Girl 1: Hey ladies its been a while time for a girls night out!!
Dumb Girl 2: Yeh lets hit up the club this Friday and leave the guys at home!
Dumb Girl 3: Alright! I finally have an excuse to wear that slutty shirt I bought last fall!

Random Boyfriend with sense observing conversation: Uhh the last time you went out like that, you came home drunk as hell, with some random numbers stuffed in your purse.

Dumb Girl (doesnt matter which one): Shutup idiot! we had to give them something for paying for all the drinks. Duh.

Boyfriend: Oh okay, so its okay for me to go out and have some idiot pay for my drinks and give out my number in return then?

Dumb Girl: If you do that I will rip off your balls, fry them in oil and feed to the dog.

Boyfriend: yeh,...okay,...sounds fair.
by Skidmark McGee May 16, 2008
a very rare marine creature that instead of 8 long tenticles has 8 long cocks, each more than capable of performing in a variety of sexual situations.

This creature was labeled as extinct in the late 20th Century, but scientists have routinely observed it in it's natural habitat. Google it up, preferably while at work and with your supervisor(s)looking on, (it will show them how smart you are).
The cocktapus awoke this morning to find it almost drowned overnight in a sea of gism due to 8 consecutive wet dreams.

I brought my pet cocktapus into my urologist's office the other day and he passed out when he saw it.

What the hell?? Seriously what the hell is this???
by Skidmark McGee March 08, 2007
an idiotic, ignorant, amazingly egotistical low class black man, who by some miracle has made millions of dollars through music even though if he was white and shared the same pro-white beliefs that he has as a black musician he would be denounced as a racist and would be a penniless pauper.

Special Note: His ego is so big it has been documented that great pains have been made to fit it all on stage during his concerts.
Kanye West: George Bush doesnt care about black people.
Sensible Person: Most Black people dont care about other black people, in fact most black people procreate out of wedlock and dont care to be around for the aftermath as in being a father.
Kanye West: Uhh,...Man Im Kanye West aint you know that.

Sensible Person: (Speechless) Yes, yes you are, my congratulations on that.

Kanye West: Sorry Taylor but Beyonce's video was the best ever.

Taylor Swift: Im only 19 and you ruined my moment in the spotlight.
(2 Sensible people watching on TV)
Person 1: Its amazing his ego was that big.
Person 2: Not really, remember the "black people" comment?
Person 1: Oh yeh right. His ego just gets bigger I guess.
Person 2: Whats really amazing is if a white musician did that to a black musician they would be run out of the business. His CD sales will probably go up.
by Skidmark McGee October 01, 2009
something men feel that they need in their life, of course this is a mistake, men need food, water, shelter, not "girlfriend". when you do something wrong "girlfriend"
will be sure to remind you. "girlfriend" also makes sure to point out all the things "girlfriend" doesnt like (friends, sports, etc), things you dont do that "girlfriend" is
used to and emphasizing all that "girlfriend" does for you, amazingly all this is done while giving men the feeling that "girlfriend" puts up with alot more then
"girlfriends" friend's do.

"Girlfriend" also assumes men have endless supply of money.
Girlfriend: I wana go *insert name of stupid place here* !! Remember I went to that dumb movie with you last week.
Guy: Ok fine let's go. (thats funny I remember picking her up and paying for the tickets to the movie last week, I could have just gone with the guys and saved

Girlfriend: I cant believe you did that, Diana's boyfriend never did anything like that to her !!
Guy: What did I do wrong??
Girlfriend: If you dont know I am not gonna tell you.
Guy: Please tell me whats wrong (how will I know if she doesnt tell me?)
Girlfriend: Nothing.
Guy: Just tell me.
Girlfriend: Nothing is wrong.
*Cycle repeats about a hundred times over*
by Skidmark McGee February 15, 2007

the basic definition for being "that guy" is to just be as annoying as humanly possible at any and all types of social functions, and annoying in many different ways,
examples can include drinking too much and pissing your pants/vomiting, hitting on girls that are most def not interested in you, telling ridiculous stories that are
obvious lies, and many other crazy ridiculous things. You most definitely do not want to become "that guy".
Guy 1: Not bad in here tonight (in a bar/club).
Guy 2: Yeh, good amount of women in here, and the drink specials actually drinks we can enjoy.
Guy 3: Dude I def have my eyes on that hottie over there (points)
"That Guy": Yo, wazzup guys (annoying prolonged wazzup) this is my 4th shot and I already had 5 beers also!
Guy 1: Wow I dont care how much I have to drink, why would I care about how much you have??
Guy 2: Yeh you really are "That guy".
Guy 1 & 3: Yeh seriously, get lost you loser.
"That Guy": Sorry guys, I wont bother you again.

"That Guy": (Shouting as loud as he can to be heard over music at house party) Alright I am leaving to go to (insert crappy bar name here)!
Rest of Party: Alright later, (thinking thank the good lord he is leaving)
"That Guy": (Still shouting but music shuts off to start another song) Gonna try and get laid !!
Rest of Party: HAHAHAHA, yeh good luck man, LOSER!
"That Guy": (out in his car thinking) Wow, I really am that guy.
by Skidmark McGee February 07, 2007
not just your normal cockface, one who goes above and beyond the call of "duty" to bring new heights and new meaning to the insult of cockface. Examples include pissing AND vomiting on a friends couch when extremely intoxicated, fucking a friend's sister AND girlfriend within the same relative time period, and flunking out of two separate college's after having been awarded and athletic scholarship twice.
Dude 1: So you were pretty wasted last night?
Cockface McSmellass: Yup, pissed and vomited all over myself and Mike's couch.
Dude 1: Truly a Cockface McSmellass.

Yo dude you mind if I bang your sister??
Sorry man Cockface McSmellass over there already beat you to it.

Cockface McSmellass is at it again folks.

by Skidmark McGee March 14, 2007
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