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Firch It's the stuff that is on Lint. Lint's lint.
One lint saids to the other lint Your not going any where till we get all that firch off of you.
by skiddishest April 15, 2009
Burny is the code word between you and your girl friend, that means you want a blowjob from her.
I was wondering if I was good for a Burny?

A burny would be nice right now.
by skiddishest April 15, 2009
One who does some ones dope all nite then leave. With out even so much as a good by.
She was skiddish about having (sex) again. But still willing to do his dope all nite long. And then leaving with out even so much as a good buye.
by Skiddishest April 11, 2009

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