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A woman that is ugly, bitchy, harpy, shrewish, or has any other unattractive characteristic that makes her sexually undesirable to a man. Said of a woman that temporarily kills sexual desire because of physical or personality traits that do not a man want to have her.
Joe: "Kate is a Boner Shrinker."
Alex: "Yeah, she ain't very pretty."
Joe: "Not just that, but she is a complete bitch. That is what I meant."
by skidale September 20, 2008
Company policies that take advantage of, generally make things harder for, or outright harms its employment staff.
Company X instituted the latest of their Rectal Enlargement Programs (REP). This REP reduced employee pay and eliminated benefits, while reducing staffing and increasing workloads. This time they didn't even issue a jar of vaseline with it !
by SkiDale September 25, 2006

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