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3 definitions by skcpublic

Penis of a castrated male, a eunuch (hijra) or a transman (trans man). Basically, a wimp who can't get it up and portrays his masculinity/machismo by beating up women or poor/crippled people.
That pakistani penis broke his wife's jaw, but she still not pregnant.
by skcpublic July 27, 2011
591 206
A media figure who will throw their mom under a bus and then sell her soul to get a ratings high.
Did you watch Im The Dim calling the Taliban murderers his brothers? He called on Pakistan army and citizens to surrender to them. He's such a mediawhore, he'll pimp his mom if it gets him airtime.
by skcpublic January 22, 2012
411 137
Often used as "cheap chinese crap". Sometimes abbreviated as "cc" or "ccc". Generally refers to an article of low-quality, unlikely to last for any length of time, but sufficiently cheap to buy and use once and discard.
Bought these chinese crap flip-flops at WalMart for sunday's pool party.
by skcpublic July 26, 2011
498 224