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a mother that is extremely stereotypically asian.

one that would usually do the following
-talk extremely loud on the telephone
-beat their children
-demand high grades
-favour the eldest son
-get into a car crash
-wears traditional chinese robes
-only gives their children money during chinese new years
-will take all fortune cookies seriously
-bargain at the dollar store
-cook aggresively
-mercilessly kill seafood
wow, gong hei fat choi's mom is such a tiger mom.
by skatingjenny January 12, 2011
The swaying movement that anyone will do while waiting in a line. Includes looking at the gum rack, picking up a magazine, touching all the chocolate bars etc.

Coined by Dane Cook
Jon was not committed to the line. Instead of being 3 feet in front of the person behind him, he was doing the floaty dance in which he read all the labels on the shampoo bottles, and touched all the tic tacs on the side rack. He even left his shoe in the line and went to walk around for another 19 minutes.
by skatingjenny January 14, 2011
used to describe someone with an extremely hot body and cute face despite his slight old age.
omg, your grampa jones is soooo wrinkles ;)

ew.. thats just awks and kinda gross too.
by skatingjenny January 12, 2011
noun. someone who is a combination of an asshole, a jerk and a (social) reject.
Ali was a rude, had no sense of respect, and nobody liked him.

So to recap, Ali was a combination of an asshole, a jerk and a reject. Clearly, he was an assjerct.
by skatingjenny January 16, 2011
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