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Green day ~ day spent to just smoking pot and doing absolutly nothing at all. sitting on the couch, eating food, just not leaving the house at all while you are stoned.
My friends and i got our first paychecks today, and we celebrated by having a green day because my parents were out of town.
by skaterpunk1007 July 12, 2004
Placing of someones mouth on the corner of a sidewalk and kicking at the back of their head. This throws the jaw into their spinal cord and instantly kills them. Not allways used against black people... is actually mostly used when anti-nazi skins beat the crap out of a nazi skin group. Usually grab the biggest person and curbstomp them to show an example for the rest of the group to follow.
10 of my friends went to octoberfest and saw a group of 5 nazi's. We beat them up and then curbstomped them. Now there dead.
by skaterpunk1007 July 12, 2004
Punk that is poor and is living mostly off garbage and anything else he can do to servive. Reason for the really trash clothes and most tears on his pants. Turned into a fashion in the late 80's... those that used it for fasion are refered to as a poser
no example i could think of
by skaterpunk1007 July 12, 2004

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