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2 definitions by skatercater

(noun) a lude, yet humorous slang term for a mans junk.
"...or I'll stab you with my gravy fork!" :)
by skatercater January 05, 2010
a term used to describe something that is retarded. (backwards, overly excited, challenged, dimwitted, etc.)

the term is used to highlight how little of a idea makes sense, or how little of ones brain someone at a particular instant was using.

politically incorrect either way: this term was originally coined for our disabled public, but is now used in a more common slang manner.
"the dog went totally 7% when I got home last night!"

"you are about up to 7% with that grand idea."

"are you 7%, or what?"

"that's the most 7% thing i've heard all day."

"you have about a 7% chance of making that work."
by skatercater January 05, 2010