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a place where you feel like you have a social life even if you dont, or an html based high five
good thing i have my laptop with me, now i can facebook it up while doing my homework
by skater3266 February 16, 2009
(noun) to have an in is to have entry into a conversation with a girl, which will eventually lead to getting in.. and then getting the fuck out
Yo u need a pen right? shes gotta pen thats your in.. go ask if u can borrow hers
by skater3266 February 16, 2009
an overly flirty girl from work who hasnt been getting enough dick
dont hang out with jenny mang she just a stalker ho
by skater3266 February 16, 2009
an action in which upon receiving it, you immediately become the smackee, or the smackers bitch
dont let dat nigga smack you boi
by skater3266 February 15, 2009
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