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an adjective used to describe a girl who you would let suck your dick but nothing else.
i wouldn't fuck her with your dick... but she's brainable.
by skap-a-phobic August 12, 2006
one who will have sex with anyone.
guy #1: did you see who jones banged the other night?
guy#2: yeah, he's such a yak slayer
by skap-a-phobic September 17, 2006
one who is learned in the ways of skaps. familiar with their migratory patterns, and often speaking fluent skap.
dude #1: man i have no idea what the hell that girl just said
dude #2: That's cause your ass ain't a skapologist. all she said was "can i please have some dick"
by skap-a-phobic August 22, 2006
$1 beers at quakes stadium
dude #1: did you go to thirsty thursdays last night?
dude #2: yeah, it was like a high school reunion...
by skap-a-phobic August 20, 2006

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