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So basically, Marymount = Moneymount. But honestly you guys Marymount is amazing. Other schools just enjoy trashing Marymount as sluts and whores because they are jealous that we get boys everywhere from Loyola, Pali High, SaMo, and everywhere else. And so what if a majority are more advanced on the sexual level. It's not their fault if boys that are in love them want to have sex with them. You all know that Marymount girls are KNOWN for their athletics. But thats obvious because all the fatasses just go to Marlborough or Notre Dike. So the next time you wanna trash those amazingly athletic sexual beings, remember that if Marymount girls do need to make knee pads out of anything, we get to get down and dirty with the sexiest men because they are Marymount girls.
Guy1: Dude, where are all the hot chicks man?

Guy2: Sorry man, but all the Marymount girls are already taken by their gorgeous boyfriends.

Guy1: Damn, I guess we have to go and compare boxers with those Marlborough girls... AGAIN.

Guy2: Yeah I know, hopefully they have eaten since the last time we met up with them.
by skanksonsunset December 01, 2007

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