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a slang term skanky boys and girls use to say a woman's vagina.
-Jared- "Hey, Lauren, can i stick my tongue up your pussy....grrr..."

-Lauren- "I have a a vagina! I'm not a kitty cat, you asshole!...............but ok!!"

Jared has fun with Lauren's pussy all night and they get it on for the next two days.
by skankhoes June 11, 2009
1.an overly used expression used to fill in your senteces to make them "flow easier"

2.usually used when chatting or texting to express that you are laughing.

(laughing out loud)

could also mean: lots of love

who really laughs out loud when they say lol? :P
all examples over txting or online chatting.

1. Lauren- "HEYYYYY WHACA DOIN!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany- STFU! and its WHATCHA not WHACA!

Lauren- LOL!!!!! are you mad at me or something!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? LOL!!!!

2. dude1 "Omgshh! I just fell down the stairs and hurt my pee pee! haha! im such a klutz!"

dude2 "LOL."

3. girl- " ok well i gtg now. talk to you tomorrow(:"

boy- "ok. see you tomorrow. lol and goodnight"
by skankhoes June 11, 2009
a sudden feeling of pulsations or feel-good cramps in the vag. it feels fucking good!!!=p
lindsay- "on my mind....Nick..i wonder what he's thinkin' right now"
nick- "damn lindsay, your lookin fine..."
lindsay-"nick! do u have a fuckin' boner!!!!"
lindsay-secretly, shes wantin' some!
.....tip:guys when you are with a girl and she has feelings for you this may secretly be happening (an orgasm for those DA's out there).....girls tend to get in an uncomfortable mood and get really giggly when with friends!!!
by skankhoes June 11, 2009

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