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A more scientific and educated way of saying "touch screen phone".
Fatkid: check out my new Touch scrone
Travis-klick: did you really just say touch scrone?!?!
Fatkid: dont make fun of my intelligence..
#phone #touch #screen #educated #fatkid
by Skalpel-Axen9ne January 03, 2010
when someone or possibly something is there but not seen. Like Waldo, or of course a ninja.
Also used as a synonym for invisible

Person1: is skalpel here? i can't find him..
Person2: yea he's here, but he's ninja-visible
#ninja #visible #invisible #individual #skalpel
by skalpel-Axen9ne January 03, 2010
semi potent; but still kind of stale marijuana. A level of potency between shwag and chronik, hence the name.
skalpel: did u get shwag or chronik???

thefatkid: its good, but not that good, it's jus some shwanik
#marijuana #ganja #shwag #chronik #weed
by Skalpel-Axen9ne December 27, 2009
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