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A pride kid is a bad kid who refuses to quit a video game lobby despite hopeless and nonstop losing. A pride kid has an unjustified sense of video game pride.

Pride kids will stop at nothing to get one victory against those who have defeated them in a game, no matter how many additional losses they must endure in order to achieve said vengeance.
Oh my god - we've raped these pride kids 48 times in a row! Why don't they just quit?
by skagg 3 October 18, 2011
A COD dad is a father, typically of an infant or very young child, who plays Call of Duty online while caring for his child or neglecting the child altogether.

Players online can usually hear a child crying or complaining in the background of a COD dad's living room via the COD dad's mic.

Cod dads are often the subject of ridicule in online game lobbies due to their perceived prioritization of Call of Duty over the welfare of their children.
(Background mic noise): Whaaa! Whaaa!!! Dad, there's no food in our house!!!

(COD dad): In a bit hon - only 18 more kills until nuke!

(Everyone in the lobby): Hey COD dad, go take care of your kids you negligent jerk!
by skagg 3 November 06, 2011
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