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UK youth wearing a specific style, including cap (usually burberry) tracksuit bottoms (nike, adidas) tucked into football socks. Shoes (trainers) are always white (nike, adidas). Also Wears cheap 'jewellery' called 'bling'. 'Bling' includes big, cheap, fuck-off rings and multiple cheap, golden chains. Female version called chavette. Wears a ton of makeup and dresses similar to male chavs apart from no cap
Chav Habits
Chavs can usually be found in gangs of more than 20, with chavettes in tow(who will be shagged later that night). They're main habits include terrorising pedestrians, vandalism, smoking, using words such as 'init' and 'minger', picking fights with other none-chav youths, unprotected sex, hanging around council estates and chip shops (the chav's temple), riding aroung town on £10 BMX's on saturdays and asking total random strangers on the street if they can borrow 50p.
How to confront a chav
1. Do not confront a chav gang (unless you are hard or armed). Chav gangs give the chav more confidence in 'safety in numbers' and a desire for them to show off in front of they're 'friends'.
2. Use your brain, chavs have no IQ over 0.01.
3. Be confident, chavs can smell fear.
4. Give them a fucking good hiding!
HINT: Don't confront a chav gang unless necessary.
Chavs can also be called
Neds (Scotland)
Vickey Pollard
Wayne Rooney
by ska8er June 24, 2005

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