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Woman's most magnificently majestic manifestation of her raw power and potency. In appearance, when hard, it resembles a tiny erect penis, and it has the same turbulent force and energy.
In sex, it performs at least four distinct functions: first, by achieving a hard-on, it signals to the man that its owner is both capable of having sex with him and eager to do so, which, if he finds her attractive, tends to kindle his interest. Second, by discreetly (or sometimes not so discreetly) pressing it against his increasingly hardened dick while they make out, she turns him on and gets him hot. Then, when she really does want him, it becomes a way of her signaling his own desire, as he sucks it and kisses it and licks it. And finally, when she fucks him, its mad and relentless throbbing drives him wild until he begins to grunt with absolutely uncontrollable passion and happiness. If she is lucky enough, she can have multiple orgasms, which is nice for him as well as her, because the longer the tension builds up, the better the sex will be.
When I pressed my clit into his face, he licked me until I moaned.
by sisteriggy March 22, 2009
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