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The melody: originally from Balkan countries like Turkey,Greece,Serbia and Bulgaria, or stolen from famous or not so famous pop and RnB songs. The most important is the appearance of gipsy rhythm there.
The lyrics: made for creatures with intelligence coefficient less than 100.
Easly understandable when you are affected by rakia,mastika,menta or another home-made alcohol.
The lyrics are based on the deepest human aspirations like sex, easy money, expensive cars,etc.
The singers: for women is obligatory previous plastic operation to increase breast, large hair and Halloween make up. Thats why they're sometimes thought drag-queens.
The performances are characterized by shiny whore’s clothes, strange dances called ‘kiuchek’ (it consists of shake breasts and ass) and bad performed play-back.
The fans: in the case of Bulgaria it's the 80% of the population. They are usually 'bitovi alkoholici', horny virgins, unsatisfied wives, village ‘gangstas’, etc. Young girls between 13 and 20 years usually try to look like their idols, while male individuals usually wear white socks, blue 'Boomerang' flip-flops, sport trousers 'Adibas' made in Turkey, silk shirt and leather coat.

The chalga music is very suitable for special cases like 'selskiq sbor', 'Trifon zarezan', weddings, baptisms,etc. Nowdays it's used not only for these events, but for every uncivilized friends meeting.
Black sea, it's very good,
shining sun,
even better,
A hole in the sea,
Chakalaka de (african influence)
Black sea, aide stiga beee
by sissiny&weed_female April 10, 2005

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