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Hottest! i.e. Hori Lee, Ayoomi Lee, BOA (who everyone knows for the song "Eat You Up")

they are prized possessions if you ever get the chance to date them and deserve to be treated with respect and be loyal to them because they have no tolerance for cheaters or scum, only respectable men

they are very fashionable, usually shy or quiet but there are also outgoing and sociable asian girls

the most common relationships are indeed asian women and white men, especially in America and sometimes in Asian countries also

they are very loving and caring and know how to treat men with respect as long as they receive respect equally

they are in no way nasty or promiscuous except the occasional wayward girl who has lost her way but generally they are quite refined and high class and elegant and beautiful

they usually have sleek, soft black/dark brown hair and very cute faces

not all of them are "flat" as some of the more disrespectful people on here wanted to emphasize on but the best thing about them is that they age veryy slowly so while your white/black/hispanic girl who is 35 is starting to get wrinkles and sagging behinds and chests your asian girls who are 35 will still look like they are 25 or younger

they can cook and they are amazing women to be with, I hope to meet an adorable (not hard to do since most of them are adorable) asian girl one day and marry her
Asian girls are so cool I love all of their cultures!
by sirknight0091 July 12, 2009

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