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An amazing dude. Probably the king of the universe. A guy like no other, with a charming personality and amazing sense of humor.
Drummer for the band "Killer-Rose".
Wow, that guy is perfect, a true yaron.
by sir Bangsalot June 19, 2006
Referring to the screaming or moaning a man or woman makes during sexual intercourse.
Dude I could hear your girls love pipes through the wall last night!
by Sir Bangsalot January 16, 2013
a liar who is totally unreliable. a mentally ill individual, suffering extreme delusions. One who tries to take advantage of others, steal from them and make profits off them.
This guy is a total itzikhod. You can't believe a word he's saying.
by sir bangsalot July 22, 2006

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