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when your night out at the strip club, you went home safe and had one dollar left in the wallet.
I found a dollar in my wallet after night out at hungry I ,that's a fucking miracle !
by sinny L February 19, 2009
1. being other people 's tray, be used, be tools for others
1.Tommy got made and be-trayed by his buddy ...
2.Mankind got be-trayed by the New World Order Mafia..
by sinny L March 30, 2010
1.to devour any fruits that's so overfuckingwhelming unbelievable sweet which simulates orgasms

2.to use pickle, banana or any fruit shaped like instruments to reach a orgasm
1.I cut that pineapple open yesterday and it's so frigging beautiful, I almost had a fruitgasm !!!

2.Gina tried to use ......(maybe I shouldn't have ..)
by sinny L April 23, 2009
being slaved by acohol, alcoholic
My liver is a slut and I became an alcowhore since she left me
by Sinny L January 27, 2009
The Phenomenon created by Barack Obama.
Lisa is depressed again. She needs to get in the zone of Obamamenon.Tell her to watch the reruns of Barack Obama Inauguration.
by sinny L January 27, 2009

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