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greatest rap group of all time, 5 true T.H.U.Gs
just listen to them, no explanation needed
by sinista August 15, 2003
a round, plump incenibly juicy derrierre so phat that it jiggles more than a cup of jello puddin around Bill Cosby
a badunkadunk is a butt that loves to jiggle/ at the drop of a hat it starts to wiggle/ i love w vida guerra's ass a lot not just a little/
by Sinista February 24, 2005
a perfectly round and juicy derriere that jiggles like a cup o' jello puddin' around Bill Cosby!
I like a badunkadunk that jiggles/ to the slightest beat it starts to wiggle/ i like it when u make it clap right down the middle/ im in love with Vida guerras badunkadunk a lot not juast a little/
by Sinista February 24, 2005

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