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3 definitions by singletilldeath.com

When your walking next to someone who you know but have nothing to talk to about between school classes.
today, i was walking next to my crush in the hall, with nothing to say. It was a total akward hall walk.
by singletilldeath.com August 28, 2009
a person who pickes wedgies in public.
person 1: Have you seen the new kid?
person 2: Yeah, he's allways got his hands in his pants!
person 1: He's such a knicker picker!
by singletilldeath.com August 22, 2009
Wearing or buying something you may or may not like because of it being a specific brand.
Ughh i hate this, but... its AE so im just going to go Brandin'
by singletilldeath.com August 30, 2009