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1 definition by singing sorrow

Something that suburban white people and middle class black people think is music, but really it's just retards trying to rhyme about spending money.

It started around the 70's and used to be pretty good because it talked about the hardships of life. Then, later in the 90's it became all about spending and flaunting money while drinking, doing drugs, and/or having sex. This sad trend has continued into the new millennium and has even grown worse. Women are often objectified and drinking, doing drugs and gangs have all become common in the songs.

Rap doesn't use instruments, so it can't be considered music.

Anyone who thinks this ungodly noise can be considered music, but thinks that rock music is bad (like the majority of young people these days, what a shame) deserves to be tortured for 15 years straight. Anyone who makes this noise as a career needs to have their vocal cords ripped out.
suburban white kid: "hey, did you hear that new lil' wayne song?"

Person who knows real music: "No you douche, I listen to real music."

Middle class black kid: "Yeah, I agree. Lil' wayne is shit, 50 cent is the bomb."

Person who knows real music: "Shut up, fag. None of that rap shit is even music!
by singing sorrow February 11, 2010
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