10 definitions by singer201998

the best person that can help you, cry with you and mend the little cracks in the heart, a friend
some one that is best at being your friend therefore making them your best friend, better than your other regular friends
by singer201998 July 13, 2009
When your shoulder becomes numb or hurt while carrying something on it, usually happening while shopping.
At the mall-
Maddie- "OMG, my shoulder hurts so freakin' bad, this bag is hella heavy!"

Taylor- "Guuuurl, you have shoppers shoulder!"
by singer201998 June 16, 2010
A slow way to kill America.
One cheeseburger at McDonalds with eyerything on it should be called, your slow painful death!
by singer201998 July 14, 2009

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