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1 definition by singeltonstories

Socially Retarded Virgin. Generally, a guy who seems to have all of his stuff together, but just can't close the deal in any physical way. May deceive you with adequate kissing, but nothing beyond that. If you have had 5 dates with no kiss, you have reached code yellow and may want to abort. Signs to look for: Frat house experience; prior long-term relationship; good education/job, and; average to above average looks. First observed in Reno, NV.
"Rick seems like the perfect guy, but we've been on 5 dates and he hasn't kissed me. Maybe he's an SRV." or "Rick is a great kisser, but he hasn't even attempted second base. And we've been dating two months. Maybe he's an SRV."
by singeltonstories March 26, 2009
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