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10 definitions by sin city bags

a bag, or a portion of a particular drug that one is seeking through text messaging or conversation but wants to be discreet and use code.
"Yo, you have a slice of that banging shit from last night?"
by sin city bags July 04, 2009
refers to when a man has anal sex with a man or a woman until the receiving partners anus is gaping. Then the man proceeds to shit into the receiving partners gaping anus.
Holy shit bro, Melo gave Suzie a grand canyon in the back seat of his STI. The car smelled like shit for days.
by sin city bags July 21, 2009
a slang term for bags of heroin.
Yo dude, I'm headin' down to the bake shop, you want any brownies?
by Sin City Bags July 03, 2009