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The term "kill two niggas with one bullet" is nothing more than a spin off of "to kill two birds with one stone." Both of them simply mean that one is able to accomplish two tasks while only exerting the energy necassary to accomplish one. The term comes from the extreme violence that has plagued the gangsta rap community since the early 1990's. While people from the old days would kill two birds with one stone, the people of today kill two niggas with one bullet.
Cosmo was able to kill two niggas with one bullet when he mailed a letter while applying for a job at the post office.
by sin city bags July 05, 2009
a street in any neighborhood that is populated primarily by African-Americans.
"My buddy is the only white guy on his street."
"Well, he must live on Nigeet Street."
by sin city bags July 04, 2009
When a woman produces an abnormally large amount of vaginal fluid during intercourse.
I knew something was weird when I was fucking Shaina and then I realized what it was. I turned on the light, looked down at my dick, and noticed that she had left me a big nasty snatch batch.
by sin city bags September 14, 2009
the immediate feeling of disgust that comes over any male after they've achieved orgasm from having sex with a fat girl.
Dude, Cosmo must have felt the wrath of god after pounding out that four hundred pound single mom.
by sin city bags July 08, 2009
a deragatory term for a black person.
I was at the movies and the nigeetis in front of me wouldn't shut up.
by sin city bags July 04, 2009
a slang term for a brick of heroin which consists of five ten bag bundles.
Yo, my boy in the Red Acura has a big boy for $250!
by sin city bags July 07, 2009
a sudden, yet temporary condition where ones penis becomes incredibly small. This is usually due to extremely low temperatures or drug use.
After eating 8 E bombs and blowing 3 grams of coke, Andy had a severe case of teenidis weenidis.
by sin city bags July 30, 2009

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