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1 definition by simpsonetti

<i>noun</i>: A dirt-cheap place where wiggers, white trash and my mom go to buy anything, from SPAM to clothing.
<i>noun</I>: a word for the worst working conditions ever.
<i>Noun</i>: The spawning grounds of geeky computer nerds, Enron CEO's and small satanic creatures.
<i>Verb</i>: (Wal-Marted) A word used when Wal-Mart pushes another competitor store out of buisness.
(See Wawl-Mawt)
Let me get this straight - your job at Wal-Mart is being a carpet?

Wow, Sam's Appliances was just Wal-Marted out of buisness!
by simpsonetti December 26, 2003