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set a beer can upside down, put diesel fuel in the concave surface on the bottom, and stick a cigarette butt partway in the fuel, letting it soak up a bit. light the cigarette butt and crack open a beer.
when i walked into his garage, there were redneck candles made from coors cans everywhere, and the daytona 500 was on tv.
by simplegr33n420 March 11, 2009
getting incredibly faded, then quenching your drymouth with an ice cold energy drink, causing a unique, floaty high. similar to railing a line of coke, but much cheaper and healthier. absolutely must be followed up with a good cigarette to enjoy fully.
mohawk:i got a bunch of weed man
metalhead:lets get a couple rockstars and get lazer blazed!
by simplegr33n420 March 11, 2009
term used by guitarists to explain why they are buying a new instrument when there is nothing wrong with the one they have, under the pretense that normal people's ears aren't as attuned to the sound of a guitar. skeptics often see this as a bullshit excuse to buy a cool new axe for purposes of showing off.
dude1: why did you buy that ibanez? it sounds just like your stratocaster!
dude2:no way man, they're totally different. you just don't have the musician's ear.
dude1:whatever man, you just bought that cuz it looks cool.
by simplegr33n420 April 03, 2009
urine contained in a plastic bottle, such as a soda or water bottle, left sitting around your dorm room. also a term for piss in general.
dude, man, whats with all the cock soda sitting around here? go piss outside man!
by simplegr33n420 March 11, 2009
when you take a hit and make a whistling noise with your hands. you have to cup your hands together and blow between your thumbs, making a low whistle while the smoke escapes.
an interesting trick used to amuse people when you're smoking pot. "hey, check out my steam whistle."
by simplegr33n420 March 10, 2009
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