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Acid bath's singer Dax Riggs has a voice that sounds as if its been lived in a long time before he joined up, and with the unfortunate death of the bassist auddie in 2001, he started off on his own . Hes now in dark accoustic soul/ rock band DB and the ELEPHANTMEN.
With Tessie Brunet, whos drumming is much like Meg Whites( of the WHITE STRIPES), but lacks the childish pop stars horrible sense of timing and lack of creative ryhthm . Dax plugs in an epiphone hollowbody into his Fender twin reverb amp and blows you away, with standard timed songs about missfortunate events such as the passing of his father ( who he cared not much about ) , his experiences in becoming an adult ( hes 31) and DRUGS lots of drugs... Choosing to stay indie instead of hopping on the first label that offered ensures the music will remnain pure for as long as he claims louisiana......
i saw deadboy and the elephantmen ...
by simon r. liberty January 23, 2006

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