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2 definitions by simon burke

a whining 'supporter' of L*verpool FC, normally from Essex. Also known as an A to Z since that is what they need to find their way to A**ield.
we don't care what the red shit say,,, what the heck do we care.

Oi Wiley you dirty red shite bastard yer .....
by Simon Burke January 12, 2004
162 44
a supporter of Liverpool FC.

An utter cunt, gobshite and a wanker. Normally from Essex.

Since he never goes to the game he makes his mate wear a donkey jacket and pisses in its pocket when they're watching it in the pub, 'because that's what they do on the Kop'.
Fuck off back to Basildon you Koppite twat.
by simon burke January 13, 2004
45 33