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The phone company
Don"t mess with Ma Bell.
by Simon February 22, 2004
Hahaha, this is pretty funny. I love Nintendo, but wasn't really a big fan of Prime.

Fusion ruled though.
by Simon October 11, 2003
one who, having consumed a considerable number of 'mick mills'(pills) and can be seen to be pulling 10 G's in a comical caricature of a fighter pilot.
i walked in the club and it was jammed with fighter pilots off their cakes.
by Simon September 17, 2003
Under Paid Bitch
Get this Pion outta here
by Simon October 22, 2003
Small lumps of faeces from animal, especially rabbits. Also what is formed when a chug nut breaks up
Don't eat them, they are winnets, not M&Ms
by Simon April 15, 2003
Chompers are disgusting, dirty, peg selling, hedgehog eating, drive tarmacing thieves.

Other common terms are Pikey, Gypo etc.
The chompers are burning tyres again.

A chomper offered to tarmac my drive.

You dirty chomper.
by simon April 18, 2005
Bello is a mushroom. A talking mushroom...
Julie: "Hey Bello, how's it going?"

Bello: "Not too bad."
by Simon April 12, 2004

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