159 definitions by simon

a term used to describe an unknown scenario
its all BJB from the word get go
by Simon September 30, 2003
regarding a woman of low sexual prefrences,yo yo goes up and down and so does their knickers
that girl she aint nothing but a yoyo
by simon March 22, 2003
Strange or eclectic. Good or bad is determined from context.
That was a fucking punkass choon (good)
You punkass muvvafukka (bad)
by Simon September 30, 2003
missey elliot drescribing her muff, pubic hairs
lyric"but before you come i need to shave my cho cha
by simon March 22, 2003
To run up to someone and rip down their pants leaving their boxer shorts showing.

To mess something up.
Shit you shank that one hey!
by Simon March 07, 2005
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