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Bend over and reach around .... thats trus de cul
Je veux 1 caffee deux bacune avec .. uhhhhhh .....trus de cul
by Simon September 05, 2003
Whoring the individual in Northbridge: sold.
Simon likes to take it up the batthole in Northbridge
by Simon August 28, 2003
1. Masturbation

2. Listening to Music.
1. HF loves to Pull On.

2. I am pulling on to Britney Spears
by Simon June 22, 2003
Chinese food of undetermined origin. They eat Fido over there.
Boeing's super sonic airliner is so fast, you can fly from Baltimore to Bejing for a Cocker Spaniel lunch and fly home in time for dinner.
by Simon October 14, 2004
Person who attempts to play CS but is constantly gettin owned by Slim3y
hahaha what a Duuuncan
by Simon August 28, 2003
Female Breasts. This term can be used to communicate ones appreciation for a passing females breasts to an associate. This word can be used when it may be inappropriate to use more obvious terminology such as "Check out that rack"
Whoa, check out those Nokias
by Simon April 23, 2003
A pale imp like person, usually with a major abundance of hair in the eye brow region. They usually eat many assortments of fish.
"CRICKEY! Look at that Junot!"
by Simon March 24, 2004

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