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160 definitions by simon

Goofy, Doofy, Socially Inept, Incapable of socially acceptable behavior
"John Kerry's long face and hi-rise hairdo are totally bwop"
by Simon May 15, 2004
The urge to open up a gash or hole in someone and then sexually penetrate the wound.
Your mum is in for some serious gaprape!
by simon May 11, 2004
french expression : when someone is really good in manipulating ppl and can go anywhere without restriction and use of his stealthness to bypass problem
He has achieved so many things, he is really a fiouret

Simon stop being a fiouret please, be franc
by Simon April 09, 2004
Spammer, hack and poker-playing fatass.
Buxx just sent me an unsolicited commercial advertisement for a get rich quick scheme.
by Simon December 28, 2003
a term used to describe a mysterous person
looks like he pulled another GXBJB on us
by Simon September 30, 2003
The direct corrolation between amount of gingerbread lattes consumed and amount of shoes purchased.
Bells law dictated that Fiona after the third latte buying more shoes was out of the question
by simon June 19, 2003
"What are you doing"
"Wot doing loy"
by Simon March 21, 2003