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4 definitions by simatt

Any inane girl/guy (mainly girls) who think that pashing their best friend/another chick in a pub/club in order to give the impression that they are bi-sexual - is cool. Usually done to titillate a boyfriend or male onlooker with no intention or desire to follow through with same-sex actions. Pseudo-sexual behaviour of the lowest order. Should be exposed for the sexual fraud it is.

Usually localised to a bar or the like and same 2 chicks would never kiss elsewhere.
2 straight chicks in a bar ...

"look at that guy over there, do you think he will notice if we pash?"

2 chicks pash in order to get guy... guy is titillated by bar-sexual behaviour
by simatt March 12, 2008
Australian colloquial term. Women who go walking early in the morning to avoid morning sex action with their significant other. They call it exercise but often serves a dual purpose. Common among married women and women who are in long term relationships. Often seen out walking between 6 - 7am.
Man: "my wife is a cock dodger and goes on early morning walks"
by simatt March 11, 2008
Drunk to excess or extreme with /associated wild or crazy behaviour. Rock stars that set the precedent include Mick Jagger and any member of the Rolling Stones, amongst many other well known rock stars.
"Mum was rock star drunk last night and fell through the motel hotel window"
by simatt March 12, 2008
Secret Squirrel. A guy who is secretive and elusive, avoiding answering questions and committing to a response about questions of a personal nature
"He is such a SS".
by simatt March 11, 2008