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This clever word was developed using the popular movie Brokeback Mountain, and its gay characteristics, as well as lingo from the hood to describe a friend that is acting gay or being a bitch.
John: Leave me alone!
Tyler: You a brokeback mountain as nigga!

Tyler: I'm not going out tonight, I want to stay home to watch Tope Chef and make pan broiled halibut.
Julie: You're being a complete brokeback mountain ass nigga!
by silverstreaks2004 December 18, 2009
An expression used when departing. Can be used interchangeably with the words "i'll holla 'atcha", "later", or "bye". Was originally brought into existance by some douche bag from the "The White Rapper Show" on VH1.
Trey: Aight nigga, I'm finuh dip.
BJ: Alright son, hollalujah holla back. 1.
Trey: 1.

Mike: All y'all niggas don't no! We gitten da fuck outta hea.
Ryan: Hollalujah holla back, nigga.
by silverstreaks2004 December 20, 2009
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