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A cryptic description for having a shit as opposed to using the crude and vulgar "i'm goin' for a shit".
"Oh Christ, I can't hold it in anymore, I have to go and bomb a small African Village".
by Silversausage October 06, 2010
Lighter, less crude analogy meaning to give oral sex.
Before she would let me screw her, I had to go downtown for lunch.
by silversausage October 11, 2010
When one, driven by resentment/hate/anger etc takes the decision to rub their penis head round the rim of target-person's drinking glass as act of revenge.
I fucking hate that bastard; when he leaves to go to the toilet, i'm Helmet rimming his fucking glass.
by silversausage October 08, 2010
General twist on the hackneyed noun 'fart'.
Oops, you'll have to forgive me; I just had a little arse burp.
by Silversausage October 06, 2010
What happens when one is kicked hard in the ass hole, thus jamming one's 'jobby' inside the rectal tube.
OUCH! That was right in the butt hole; thanks for the Jobby Jammer, fuck head.
by silversausage October 08, 2010
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