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Scenes are much like emos, but they tend to be generally more upbeat. They often like somewhat similar music but usually something more mainstream or pop inspired, however while the music may be similar the fashion is not. Emo is fashion is often inspired by the music they listen to, sometimes dark and heavy, sometimes bright. They usually choose a style to suit them and their taste. Scene kids however, dress in more colorful apparel, and usually are not inspired by something else but enjoy style in which is presented. Both are known to wear peircings, tattoos, have unaturaully colored hair, and wear tight clothing, but not always, these are just commons. Before you go labeling scene as a bubbly emo or emo as a depressed scene, remember: they are not the same. Each are very different in many ways, they make their own choices and while they are related, they do have their own seperating points. As a side note I would like to clear some common ideas people have of both.

Emos- They are NOT all suicidal and wrist-cutters. It's the overly shared idea that if you like dark music or dark clothing you must be thinking utterly dark thoughts about self-harm, NOT TRUE. It's not unheard of to be an emo that lives a happy life.

Scenes- They are not false emos. They are not posuers. They just enjoy similar things with a difference. Things aren't always as they seem and negatives judgments should not be made based on simularity.
scene VS. emo

emo- "Man I can't wait to jam out to this new CD I just found when I went to buy some eyeliner and a shirt from my favorite band."

scene- "Ooh, have you seen my new top yet? It's really bold, I got it in zebra to wear with my yellow skinny jeans. You know, like the ones that singer has?"
by silent_wings238 January 24, 2012

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