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A paranoid shut in that believes in almost all of the conspiracy theories on the internet. Usually Alex Jones junkies even though they claim they are not. Cannot be spotted in the wild, instead seen roaming message boards and blogs attempting to spread their disease of paranoia. Should be treated with massive anxiolytics as that would end their belief in crazy stuff but that would require them to trust doctors which of course they don't (they are Illuminati mind control shills).
Sane dude: Wow that earthquake in Japan was devastating

Conspiratard: Yeah makes you wonder who was behind it (hmm HAARP, wink wink)

Sane dude #2: WTF are you talking about? It was an earthquake idiot.

Conspiratard: Yeah and the twin towers were brought down by a couple of guys with box cutters. You sheep! Do your own research!! Don't drink fluorinated water either!! Ahhh!!!
by signate July 22, 2011

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